Decisions, Decisions.... HELP, I need advice

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  • 2 years ago

I have a tt and BR scheduled for Dec. 13. I just found out today that my insurance will pay for the reduction, but my PS must remove around 650 grams in each breasts.  I am a full DD, and would like to go down to a small D or full C.  I do not want to go too small. Even though insurance is willing to pay for it, I would rather pay for it and be happy with the results. Does anyone have any idea how much 650 grams will look like?  It's not like I have a ton of money, but it is a life decision and I want to be happy.

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I went from a 34H to a 34DD (was hoping for a C) and had less than 500gm removed from each breast. Density and volume will affect how "big" 650 grams actually is. Good luck. I hope you get a chance to really discuss this with your doctor and come to a conclusion that you are happy with!
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I have an appointed with him on Nov. 28 to find out. It is just not worth it if I end up a B. I'm too big of a girl for a B cup! I will post his response.
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I am honestly not sure what that would leave you at but I'm assuming around a full B cup. Your best bet would be to ask your Plastic surgeon prior to surgery date. If your breast is more Dense than Fatty tissue you may be left at a Full C cup. Ask your PS and please keep us posted :-)
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