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Hello Gang, I thought I would share with you my experience and some pics so far. Overall, it was good, I got REALLY nervous waiting to go in for surgery and almost backed out but didn't knowing I had wanted this for a LONG time for me. In recovery, it hurt some but not too bad (keep in mind I have had 5 kids with little to no anesthesia). I was able to get into the Expedition ok and things were good. I would highly recommend taking a car that is EASY to get in and out of though. They taught my partner and I how to deal with & measure the drains and sent us on our way. I got home and went right upstairs to our bed. I wanted to be in my own bed rather than a couch and figured the anesthesia would still be in play. It worked and the first two days I was in my own bed with LOTS of pillows. My drainage has steadily gone down day by day and I have tapered down to 1 pill every 4 hours. If i could give anyone a single piece of advice it is "STICK TO YOUR PAIN MEDS and even start schedule a little early so if it's 4 hours take them at 3 hours and 45 mins". This kept the pain away and allowed me to feel MUCH better by day 3 I was walking downstairs for water etc. By day 4 I was up and about walking stairs and going outside... I started tapering down pain meds on day 4. I also drank TONS of water and saw my drainage drop substantially. Oh I couldn't go poop through day 4 so I started eating prunes & drinking prune juice... worked like a charm (thanks to @BikiniDream and Almost40anddoingit in ABQ for suggestions)Coincidentally they called prune juice a "long slow comfortable poop" on Raising Hope this week LOL. Anyway, all in all it has gone very well and much better than what I expected. I am attaching some pics so you can all see. I will tell you that I had HUGE stretch marks even the Dr thought that one of them was a scar they were so big. So I still have some but they are MUCH less, tummy is tight, and I no longer have to sleep next to my belly'o'stretch marks in bed anymore!

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Thank you for sharing your story with all the ladies on RealSelf.  It is extremely helpful for others to read about. 

Keep up the good work and rest, rest, rest!
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