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3 days post op and im able to stand pretty this normal??

  • GlowingAgain
  • tampa , florida
  • 2 years ago

I'm 5"1' i just had a full tt 3 days ago and I keep reading how difficult it is for u everyone to stand up straight after weeks. Well as long as I am on a pain pill I can stand up fairly straight ( not 100%) off course, but just tbought that was odd. I was thinking maybe because I am only 5'1"?? Is there anyone else tht is able to stand up fairly straight so soon? I would love to hear about it.

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I am on day 7, and like you I am vertically challanged, my backside is quite near to the ground. lol. I could for the first few days stand fairly straight, but by day 5 I was hunched over. I probably was overdoing it a bit. Now when I swell It makes me hunch over. My Ps wasn't concerned that I could stand fairly straight after the surgery.
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I am 5'2" with a faily short torso and was hunched over. PS said it depended on how far the muscles separated during each pregnancy. While I was not really overweight and physically fit my muscle separation was quite noticable. I had an approx 3" separation. No lipo but really had to pull the muscles back into place.
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My PS explained to me that it is in our best interest to walk bent over for at least several weeks if not longer. The reason is to keep the stress off the fresh incision and allow it to heal properly. Plus a lot of us have major issues w/bad stretch marks in our lower abdomen due to weight gain or pregnancy. That skin is much thinner and in bad shape. So trying to stand up straight just pulls at that paper fine skin and can open up the incision.
Bend over and let it heal.
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I was like you. My doc told me that the more muscle repair you have, the harder it is to stand up straight. That is what makes you tight more so than the skin stretching (I never knew!). I only had 1.5 inches of MR, so I could stand up almost straight almost immediately. I only hunch when the swelling acts up b/c it's just more comfortable than stretching the tummy even further. Don't worry. Also, I'm shorter too (5'4") and I would guess that helps.
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