2 days out and omgggg

  • jenjk3ks
  • Abilene, TX
  • 3 years ago

let me say this hurts... its painful the back is killin gme.. the dr was vert aggressive 300 cc on each side 500 on the front ncluding the skin.

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My Days 2 - 4 were BRUTAL. Take your pain meds on time and rest. You will get better!
get a pain pump?
I had the no-drain quilting stitch procedure so everything was closed. No drains; no bulbs A few days of pain was worth healing very fast without that bother.
The dr said I had such a small frame wanted to make the waist fit the frame. He removed 6inches of skin and total around 6-10 lbs of fat and skin. But this is very painful my back is killing me

Is that what he removed from your belly? Wow. No wonder you're sore, girl. I bet you're going to look fantastic when you've healed though.

Hang in there! From what I've heard, this is the worst time and it should start getting better soon.