Six days after a mummy make over

  • Tishball
  • Ireland
  • 3 years ago

Hi everyone, I am new here. I have been reading questions and stuff on this forum for a while and decided to join. I am In Ireland and there is nowhere other than my ps to ask questions and find information from.  Needless to say the poor man doesn't want a phone call from me everytime I have a question. So here is my story, I am 43 and after four babies I resembled the red M&M,  so my deflated boobs which were a 36c have been augmented with silicone over the muscle to give me a full 36 D cup,  and I had a tummy tuck and lipo. This all happened last week, November 23rd. I only had drains in for a few hours, and I was released from hospital with this binder that goes from my knees to my ribcage, and a special bra. I had a four hour drive home , so nipping back to the surgen isn't an option for me.  I felt well, and was up and about on day 2 doing all the little jobs that need to be done,  feeling tight and swollen but nothing much. However last night I was so swollen, I thought I would bust, I could hardly breathe my skin was so tight. Today day 6 I didnt get up early and am doing very little,  did I swell so much because I was over doing it?  Can any of you tell me if this massive and painfull swelling will soon begin to reduce?   How long until I feel fairly normal again?. I probably have this all in the wrong place, but I am just learning how to negociate the site, so forgive me if I have. Tricia