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Dark red/purple drainage after ETT

  • Crooktele79
  • 2 years ago

      I had an extended tummy tuck without needing muscle repair two weeks ago. I had two JP drains inserted, and have since had one of them removed. The remaining drain is still outputting around 100cc of dark red/ purplish blood/fluid per day. My PS says a vein may have been nicked during surgery and leaked blood. I feel fine and am not showing any signs of excessive blood loss, but I am worried that I am going to lose too much blood. How would I know if this is active bleeding? The doc said not to worry about it, but if it doesn't improve over the next two weeks another operation may be needed to find out what is happening. I'm so rattled by this and am regretting ever having this done... I lost 270 pounds without surgery and think I should have left well enough alone :(