Daniels ghavami denenberg?? Thoughts on revision specialist:)

  • Crystalana
  • 1 year ago

I've already consulted with Dr Daniels but something didn't sit right with me?? I'm scheduling consults with Ghavami and Denenberg. If anyone has any information on an amazing revision doctor I'd greatly appreciate it:) will travel anywhere for a great doc:) thank u

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id recommend dr fleming. i am going to him next year. he is really on top of newest techniques and reasonably priced!
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I am korean-american and stay in korea now for plastic surgery. I know on of top revision specialist for rhinoplasty in korea, he is Dr. Suh Mankoon from JW plastic surgery. why don't you research on google and youtube? you can see his job on web. I strongly recommend you him for revision:) good luck!
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I would also love to hear from any revision patients of Dr.Ghavami. I love his gallery but I haven't heard much from revision patients of his.
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