Crotchless garment issuEs/tummy numbness/swelling ?'s

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  • 2 years ago

Had my full tummy tuck 4 areas of Lipo and the Brazilian butt lift on Monday the 5th. Yesterday at my post op I was given a different compression garment looks like a wrestling suit! It's more comfortable than the initial garment that I got right after surgery. My question is this: assuming I'm not the only one with this crotchless get-up what is a comfortable way to ahhh...wear it comfortably around my vaginal lips and well...everything else that's exposed?! Omg I can not get it into a good position where it's not rubbing and irritating me down there the last thing I need or want is another sore area..gesh. 2nd question...I have Absolutly no feeling on my stomach - none. You could pierce me with a needle n I wouldn't feel it. Also I can't "suck in my stomach"...when will I have muscular control back? (yes I had muscle repair during the tuck)and lastly when should I see some...any at all..relief from this horrible swelling?! I look 5 months pregnant and a hell of a lot bigger than I did before the surgery. I've been icing n consuming gatorade n water like crazy but is there ANYTHING else I can try?!?!  DESPARATE!?!?! ;) 

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Give it some time!! I know its frustrating, but the swelling will go down....eventually. My lipo swelling took 4-5 weeks to go away, and I am still swollen from the tummy tuck at 7 weeks. My tummy is still numb, but no as numb as yours. After the first 2 or 3 weeks or so, things will start to change more rapidly for you - like using your muscles, etc. Just relax and rest. Before you know it you will start feeling more normal. You can try taking bromelain from GNC for swelling. otherwise you will have to wait it out. $ areas of lip and a butt lift plus tt is a lot for your body, hence all the swelling. I had a vrotchless garment too, but it didn't bother me too much. I just wore underwear over it - looked hilarious. Take it easy, get plenty of rest right now, and give yourself some time to heal! :)
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sorry - lots of typos...*4 areas of lipo*
Thnx!!! I've heard so much about bormaline...I asked my PS about it & he pretty much disregarded my question stating that there's no actual proof or evidence that it works in reducing swelling. I guess I'll give it a shot tho..if it helps it helps..if not no biggie! ;)
I know I need to wait out the storm but I'm a pretty high strung now now is how I roll! Needless to say the past 6 days have be torture for me!! ;)