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Did you continue to see results 5 weeks after Smart Lipo?

  • shelly62366
  • clermont, fl
  • 5 years ago

I had Smart Lipo on my saddlebag area 5 weeks ago and I only see a little difference. My pants still fit snug and I am wondering, will I still see results on that area?

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I had smart lipo 5 days ago in my back bra area, how long should I continue to see swelling??
Three months to see 90% of final results with smartlipo. The swelling has to resolve and the skin has to shrink up. Once the numbness and tenderness has resolved, you are getting pretty close to 90% recovered.
Saddle bags or outer thighs tend to improve quickly so I hope you are beginning to see some results, and change in leg contour. The maximum Smart Lipo healing is generally seen at about 4 months  post procedure, and you can see results improve until then. Skin tightening and return of normal skin sensations can take 4-6 months. If you are not happy with your final result at 6 months, speak to your doctor and ask him to touch up the area for you. Most will do this at no charge. For now, be patient as it's still early. There is still plenty of time for swelling to diminsh and improvement.
Being 5 weeks out is still quite early.  Swelling is still quite evident in most people at this stage of the recovery period.  There should be some bulk reduction in the fat that is noticeable by now which sounds like what you might be noticing already.  The final results are not seen until about 4-6 months out with the skin continuing to tighten up to 6 months.  So rest assured that your results will probably still continue to get better and that you are still a whiles away from your final result.  Good Luck!
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