What clothes should I expect to wear after sugery..And what about work clothes when I go back?

  • crazy_cornflakes07
  • Springfield MO
  • 1 year ago

So my question is I am trying to figure out what sort of clothes I should have ready on hand after my surgery. Also I am going to have to go back to work probably sooner than I like. Luckily I should be able to do most of it from home. But during the second week of recovery I may have to drop in for an hour or so. Anyways yes I know this is not the ideal situation but that is not the question :) So I am also wondering what suggestion do you guys have about what to wear to work. Its business causal more casual though. I typically wear leggings and a sweater dress. Basically anything but jeans. So I am just really needed any and all suggestions on what you think I could expect to wear say post op 13-14 days? Also I wear a size small in almost everything I own, So I am wondering if I need to start buying like large sized leggings so they will fit over my swollen stomach.