Closed rhinoplasty on december 13th, wondering about pain after??

  • sjohnson07
  • dayton,ohio
  • 3 years ago

Im worried about the pain after a closed rhinoplasty , to get a hump removed...I know everyone is nervous before.. but I've never even had blood taken.. I'm afraid I won't be able to go through with it. :(

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I know the thought of pain can be a scary thing, but please don't let that alone scare you away. From my experience, there was a lot of pain at all. You get meds for that, but most people only need them for a day or two and then go to Tylenol or Advil. The overriding sensation is discomfort and congestion and dry mouth! I won't lie, the first day or two aren't fun. But they are temporary and not THAT bad and you'll be back in the world before you know it.

Just make sure you choose an ASPS certified doctor who specializes in rhinoplasty! And please consider starting your story in our review community (even before surgery). Go here when you're ready to get started. It's the best way to get support from other RealSelf members.