What are the options to change eye shape?

  • talicious17
  • Georgia
  • 4 years ago

As you can see from the picture, my eyes are really deep set - prominent - sad eyes. I have read tones of articles about different surgeries that could be good for me but i couldnt find proper method.

What is the best option to make my eyes look better? I would love to have puffy eyes but fat grafting does't sound promising. I want my eyes to turn up a bit, or elongate them, anything to make them look better, at least a bit. Maybe botox will help? I want to know what options I have. Thank you so much!

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My daughter 16 years old, she looks beautiful if you look at her from front. however from side, she looks ugly. Because she has different shapes of eyes. one is wider, another is longer. The any eye cosmetic surgery can help her ?