cauliflower ear After Rhino will I be deformed for life

  • Sincity
  • Toronto
  • 3 years ago

I had Rhino 7 days ago and they needed cartilage from my ear. The removed it from my boul of the right ear and now I am in allot of pain, my ear hurts more then the Rhino. The ear has not recovered and I am suffering for cauliflower ear, I am totally freaking out. My ears were perfect, I am 37yrs female and my ear looks deformed will I recover ?? The doctor injected it will steroids and drained the blood (very painful) will my ear go back to normal??

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Hi Sincity,

You cannot update a forum post except in comments. I encourage you to post a Rhinoplasty Review here. There you can update as often as you like, add pictures, video, etc.



hey there thanks your site has been super helpful, can you tell me if I can information to my question that I have already posted as days pass things progress and change. thanks

I encourage you to post this as a question to the doctors on RealSelf, with your photo. Go here to do that. I hope your ear heals. Not fun at all.

If you look up cauliflower ear on Google it will give you proper description otherwise its been 10 days with little improvement I pray my ear with stop hurting and go back to it original form. I have cotton ball stuff in my ear to help keep the form of my ear (like a mold) plus a tensor bandage around my head. Not Fun!

Sincity, What do you mean by cauliflower ear? I had this procedure done, too. And, yes, one ear is now different from the other, I don't look deformed. The ear does hurt the most in this sort of surgery. I hope you feel better soon!