Capsulectomy or simple implant removal - time and money.

  • Nymeria84
  • 1 year ago

Hi there, I have been reading lots of stories on the this site over the past while. I have had my implants for almost 4 years, 275 cc's under the muscle placement. So far I haven't had any capsular contracture or any major issues, but there is constant pain and discomfort and I want them out.

The big issue for me at the moment is cost vs time - basically I want them out as soon as possible, I have been stressing so much about them for the last few months, and have lost so much sleep worrying, it feels like I have ticking time bombs in my chest. Anyway, the issue for me is that I need to save the money for the removal surgery (I am a mature student living on a small amount, so no chance of a loan), so either I save as much as I can for the next 6 months and opt for just the implant removal (the cheaper option), or I wait for another year or maybe longer, saving more money and go for the full capsulectomy.

Its also regarding the choice of surgeon, I'm worried about going for the cheaper option, as if something goes wrong I feel they will be less reliable. But the alternative is waiting for at least another year with these things inside my body, wondering what kind of damage is being done while I wait. I'm stressing so much over just wanting them out of my system as soon as possible, but what if there are complications afterwards and I should have waited for a better surgeon/ opted for a full capsulectomy. 

Sorry for the long post, im just wondering if anyone else has had to make this choice and if they have any advice? thanks, Gill.