Brusing and Redness

  • 34hto34c
  • New York
  • 1 year ago

My left breast is doing amazing. I think my right one is doing well too but I feel more uncomfortable in my right breast when I hit a bump or make any kind of sudden movement. There is still a slight purplish/brown bruise above the incision and under the nipple. I also have a little bit of redness around the nipple, not directly on the nipple but more like 1 inch above it. It is spotted redness that does not itch or hurt. Have anyone of you wise ladies experienced this? I am not in any pain. Should I be concerned or let it ride out? I tried to take picture but it is so light that you can even see it, which makes me think it is not that big of a deal.

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I am experiencing the same symptoms but on different breasts. I mean to say that I have now two red marks on my left breast not on but near the incisions & they sting/burn a bit when touched. Also have a new brownish mark like a bruise under my right boob that is just next to the incision but not on it! Very strange an do have no answers! I suspect the brown bruise is reduced blood flow to the area so I've been lightly rubbing it to see what happens. The red streaks are a concern for me and also the feeling like a hot poker on my left nipple where I had some incision seperate. Ugh no fever or real reason for me to go to the Er but starting to wonder if I should anyway!
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Went to the dr and was given a thumbs up on the healing. I guess all that I've been going through is normal changes. I hope I'll be able to feel my nipples by the one month mark!
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