How to enhance your breasts once your implants are gone - bras for smaller breasts

  • 2 years ago

For those of you concerned about your appearance after breast implant removal (and who isn't?), here are some interesting links I found with nice looking "fake breasts" for sale.

Nearly You: A whole shop tailored to breast prosthesis and enhancers.

Inflatable bra pad inserts from Amazon.

Push up pads from Love My Bubbles.

Victoria's Secret Miraculous push up bra, which increases your breast size by 2 cups.

And, the Braza Dolly Wedge inserts!

For ladies in the UK, check out Silicone Sally!

As recommended by a RealSelf member, the Handful bra is supposed to be a great, comfy sports bra that won't completely flatten you out.

The Itty Bitty bra doesn't necessarily make your girls look bigger, but it might fit your smaller proportions better than other bras on the market.

Not cheap, but The Little Bra Company bras look cute.

I've heard some good things about the Voda Swim Suit. Check it out.

Hope these ideas help!