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Black and blue eyes after 2 months

  • Tampa FL7156
  • Tampa FL
  • 3 years ago

I had rhinoplasty at the end of June but there is still subtle bruising under my eyes that makes me look very haggard and tired. The nose looks great, but now I look like an old hag. How can I get rid of these shadowy bruises?

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used a vitamin c concentrate to mix in with your moisterizer. this helped my bruises ALOT. I used one by dermalogica.
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Thanks for this tip! My black and blue lasted a LONG time, but finally went away after about 4 months.
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Smoking I am told definitely delays healing from what I have heard. Try using arnica. Witch Hazel soaked in cotton buds on your eyes is supposed to help bruizing. Everyone heals in diff time I guess. Use some good concealer in the meantime. Also get lots of rest and eat well this will help.
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That's a crazy long time for the bruises to still be hanging around. Have you mentioned this to your surgeon? 

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I am 6 weeks post op, my ex came over the other night and said "you always had rings under your eyes, but never like this"! I still have some light brown bruising under my eyes and it's driving me crazy too. I look more exhausted than usual. I am a smoker and wondering if that's the reason, scared it may stay this way!
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