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bikinitime and no TT yet.... hopefully last time!

  • holantina
  • Netherlands
  • 3 years ago

Hi ladies, Next monday i'm leaving to my homeland, Cuba (i live in The Netherlands) with my husband an our two beautiful daughters. That means a lot of time spending at the beach (the GORGEOUS tropical beaches of Cuba, it looks like paradise) and of course lots of loooooove from the rest of the Cuban family. I know, i know.... i should be very, very  happy i get the oportunity to go there. To tell you the truth, it becomes more and more expensive to travek by plane, at least over here. And of course am very happy and feel blessed. But.... there is one little thing..... There is the bikini issue. And the "Are you expecting a third child? How nice for you, congrats! thing. I realize people are really happy for you and just want to be nice, so i don't feel so frustrated about these comments. What i don't like is the persons that asume that you are the only one that's "guilty" about the shape of your belly, and that it would get flat if you just ate less and excersised more..... pffffff....... i'm  sorry, but i just hate these comments! There was this nice lady in Spain that would ask me to take better care of myself (my eating etc.)  so that i would look better..... ay, ay.... Have this happened to anyone of you? If yes is the answer, please comment. I need some support here and hope this will be the last time i have to show my donut belly and listen to the comments about it.....  :-(  ......