Belly button looks big after tummy tuck

  • kellyshyanne
  • USA
  • 4 years ago

6 days after my tummy tuck surgery and I finally looked at my belly button. It looks really funny because it has a big hole and the little cord in the middle is protruding, I am very swollen though. On top of the tuck I had liposuction as well. Any suggestions?

Updated to include photo: I am still really swollen yet and this was taken 17 days after surgery. My belly button looks funny, but my PS said after the swelling goes down it will look better.

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Thanks for the updated information! Good luck with your continued healing.

Hi There, It's hard to tell if what you're describing is natural swelling after a tummy tuck, or something more. Here are some answers to a similar question. The safest bet would be to contact your surgeon.

Thanks and I did. He said it is part of the swelling and it will go back to normal in time. Just looks funny is all. Everything does right now, but I think my swelling is going down slowly.