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Really bad treatment at johns hopkins residents clinic!

  • taneytown
  • taneytown, md
  • 2 years ago

Made an appointment at johns Hopkins residents clinic, waited 6 months for the consultation for a tt, breast lift , and upper and lower eyelids. Dr. Claimed he was painfully honest and saw no problem with these procedures, call the office on Monday to schedule. On Monday I called the number he gave me and it was a recording that said who to call for first appointments and leave a message for problems with recent surgeries. I left a message and waited 2 days, no callback. I called the initial consultation number and got the office managers number and left a message. She called back in a day and a half and said that the Dr. Felt that I was not a good candidate for a tummy tuck, but I could go ahead with the other procedures. She said his rationale was that my BMI was 33 and I needed to be at 30. When they weighed me at my initial appointment I was fully clothed in winter gear and work boots and he rounded up to get to 33. A loss of 6 actual pounds without clothes would get me to 30. At the time of the initial consultation we discussed the possibility that if I lost weight in the future there was a possibility that the skin of my abdomen would not be absolutely tight, I replied that that was ok, at least my baby belly wouldn't, be sitting in my lap. I asked the scheduling person to convey this to the Dr. And tell him that I was not looking for perfection, but merely an improvement by eliminating the loose skin and fat. And could I please schedule the other procedures? She replied that she would see the Dr. that morning and she would call me back in ah hour. That was 3 weeks ago and the last time I talked to them, I have left messages and called the assistants number at least 20 times, mostly now out of sheer annoyance because I feel that they basically said you are too old (53) and fat for a tummy tuck. I also called johns Hopkins to speak to a patient advocate and they never returned my call ( a pretty effective way to get rid of complainers!) I was really excited to get an appointment with jh, I thought they were a notch or two above average, but no more. I realize that by going to a residents clinic you sacrifice maybe a little in the way of personalized care, but this is ridiculous! I have since made an appointment at another residents clinic ( Jan 23) and will be under BMI of 30 and I am not wearing heavy clothes to the appointment. Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are older and plump stay away from johns Hopkins residents clinic, they want young and thin.

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I have been trying to call there for months to schedule a appt. but each time I call they tell me they are not taking appts right now and call back in a few months. SMH!
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Thank you for sharing this!
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