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When going back to working out where was your starting base point?

  • ashley.novinger
  • Puyallup, wa
  • 3 years ago

My doctor has released me to "light" treadmill work. To me "light" isn't so light to what others may think. So, those ladies or men who had a TT where was your starting point when getting back to the gym???

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Thanks all!!! I'll go slow. And I guess I really only have 3 more weeks until my 6 week point. And if I need to wait until then...well I will, but for now I'll just walk super slow and take it easy. I just LOVE to work out so its been a hard transition to not work out. :)
Thanks for this...I feel like now that my tummy is flat the rest of me is getting fat :( ...patience!

Go very slow in this department.  I went back to the gym and did very light treadmill at 6 weeks. 

Please don't rush this process.  You only get one chance to heal properly and if you destroy that you have wasted a ton of money. 

I figured that I had lived with the hanging tummy for all those years so what was a few more months for healing. 
Hi Ashley,

I'm a complete workout fanatic so my doctor was pretty firm with me about not overdoing it for a while. I'm the person who usually spends more than an hour running on the treadmill and I would put a 10lb plate behind my head on the slant board while doing crunches.

I'm post-surgical 6 weeks now. While I have figured out a way to lift and work my upper and lower body, I'm being really easy on my core/ab area. Plus I would run 5-6 miles a day. Now I'm just power-walking 2 miles, three times a week.

I agree - take your time and listen to your body.

Hi Ashley,

Though I haven't had a tummy tuck myself, here is what some doctors have to say about exercising after a tummy tuck.

Take it easy at first and listen to your body if it tells you to slow down.