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I had an awesome result on day 2 and 3 but since day 5 my results look horrible. i don't feel swollen but i sure look big now

  • jenann
  • 1 year ago

I had full tt and lipo on flanks. 2nd and 3rd day post op belly looked great. since day 4 i am bigger then when i 1st came out of surgery. my upper skin feels loose now and flabby. i can't believe the difference. day 10 now and got drains out, i look just as bad now as pre surgery. i don't get it but am feeling like it's a waste of money. i recovered good. off pain meds on day 3 and driving on day 4. have stood straight since day 5 have no pain really except that really tight feeling from time to time but mostly when i get up in the morning. aside from my excitement on day 2 and 3 i feel much regret and discouragement now :(

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