At Home Microdermabrasion vs. Going to a Pro

  • 3 years ago

Does anyone disagree with this comparison?



In-office Microdermabrasion

At home Microdermabrasion

How it works 

Like a mild sandblast, microdermabrasion sloughs off your dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, reduces acne and unblocks pores to help fight acne.

You apply aluminum oxide crystals in a creamy base to your skin, then massage with your fingers or a hand-held, battery-operated device. The super-fine crystals stimulate blood flow and slough off dead skin.




Ideal if...

You have acne or tougher skin.

You have acne or dry skin and want a glowing complexion, without the downtime.

Selling point

Reduces acne, removes dead, flaky skin.

Takes 10 minutes in your bathroom; no appt. needed.


Avoid if you have thin skin or broken capillaries — a peel is a better choice.

Popular at-home solutions are available at most drugstores or department store beauty counters, including kits by Neutrogena, Lancome, and Olay

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