Best at Home Microdermabrasion System?

  • TheRealAmani
  • Mobile, AL
  • 2 years ago

I know, I know...everyone recommends going to a professional. I definitely agree, because I go all the time! The issue is I'm starting to realize how much I pay at the dermatologists office every week, and it's just far too much. Mind you, I don't even have bad skin! So I'm converting to at home systems! I've gone ahead and purchased a blue light, a red light, and now I'm looking for a nice microdermabrasion machine. I'm looking for a bit of advice on what works and what doesn't work! Thanks!

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I just recently bought the Rejuvaderm at home machine based on the review on this site and just trying it out now I will let you know how it works out
try rodan+fields macro e! the women in my family swear by it! i've seen the results and they're amazing! check it out!
It worked though cos now I'm going to look them up haha
Rimapat, you sound like you work for skin-vac's company or something lol... A little too enthusiastic lol
If you’re interested in microdermabrasion, try vacubrasion by skinvac. You can find it on amazon just search Skinvac they have really good reviews. Best of all its inexpensive and I found the results to be instant in just couple treatments. I like this system as its super easy to use and I can do my own microdermabrasion at home using my home vacuum and get self professional results like I would when going to a specialist office or spa. I have been doing my own microdermabrasion for months now and using skinvac has helped me save tons of money, it’s definitely and investment worth spending for amazing looking skin. In just couple of treatments my skin looks a lot healthier, smoother and much clear. I have also noticed my acne scars and brown spots slowly clearing away. I like how the diamond abrasive tips are reusable, so I can share it with my sisters and never have to worry about replacements and its super easy to clean with just alcohol wipes or even soap and water. The kit also came with a brilliant adjustable suction attachment that allows me to regulate the pressure of the suction around the sensitive areas like under the eyes. I’m glad I found out about skinvac, it’s definitely worth spending your money for instant, professional self treatment at home. Here’s a link to help you guys

can you recommend checmicals for pre and post treatment. I just purchased a machine for home use, and wouldl ike to start on the right track in cleansing, cooling cream afterwords, antibacterial,e tc....what brands and preparation steps are you using. thanks

Two months ago I purchased a 3-in-1 microdermabrasion machine from Shining Image ( for a little over $300. The one that I bought is no longer available on their site, it's the Kendal Professional 3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine with Ultrasound and Skin Scrubber HB-MF03. However, there are some other type's of Kendal machines on their website as well as on, if you're interested. The ones that are available have the exact same diamond tipped tools, they just have different additional tools.

Before I made the purchase, I searched for reviews and feedback for various different machines and I couldn't find much to go on so, I kind of rolled the dice on this one. I was surprised at the minimal amount of information on real microdermabrasion machines on the market.

Now for my review, I absolutely LOVE my microderm machine ! It comes with nine different diamond tip's of varying sizes and function's, 2 different sized ultrasonic probe's and a skin scrubber that also utilizes ultrasonic waves. The suction is incredible and it came with 120 filters so, they will last quite a while but, I did look into replacement parts & filters and they are easy to get as well. The machine is an actual professional microdermabrasion machine and I feel like I came out on top with this one.

I definitely did my homework when it came to operating the machine and there is a little bit of a learning curve but, with the help of the operating manual & youtube tutorials, I've mastered it.

I hope this helps.