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How many of you asked your husband/significant other to help you...

  • cabo_honey
  • Northern Nevada
  • 3 years ago

choose your implants?  Why did you ask them to help or to stay home?   At first I was going to go by myself but now I think I will ask my dh to accompany me.  We have been married 22 yrs and figure he should have some input!  

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My husband went with me. I KNEW I would be nervous. I figured he could help with that and maybe he would remember to ask something I forgot. Or Remember something the Doc said that I didnt.. And I was nervous.. I needed his GUT feeling about the doc to go with mine..
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My fiancé picked out my size! I wanted to make him drool every time I walk into the room!
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And it never hurts to get another opinion. Especially from someone you care about and trust.

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