Anxious About Tummy Tuck

  • JoBibbi
  • 3 years ago

Hello ladies, I'm 49  and I live in Tampa Florida.  I had a breast reduction last year (down from a 38DDD to a 38B).  After my BR surgery, I started running again and have lost 40lbs.  My son just graduated from college, and now I've decided to do something for myself and have a tummy tuck.  My surgery is schedule for  10-07-11 and I'm excited yet nervous at the same time.  My doctor told me that my surgery should only take 2 hours and that I should be able to walk and do the elliptical machine right away.  He also said that he thinks I 'll be running within a couple of weeks after my surgery.  Anyway, I would appreciate any advise, encouragement or stories that you would like to share about your personal TT experiences.