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Yet another swelling topic...

  • 2100anon
  • 2 years ago

I'm almost 8 months post-op (septorhinoplasty), but my swelling seems to be more substantial than that of others at my phase of healing. The swelling is mostly concentrated right at the tip and the columella, so my nose looks pretty droopy, which saddens me because my old nose's droopiness was the main reason I got this procedure done in the first place! I don't have particularly thin or thick skin - I think I'm somewhere in between - my diet is pretty low-sodium, and I drink plenty of water. I may be a slow healer... Anyway, I'm just kind of feeling down these days because I've invested time, money, and emotions into this procedure, but I'm worried about the swelling - mostly that it's not really swelling and that my nose is stuck this way. Does anyone have any expertise, or words of wisdom from experience? Were you swollen and somewhat unhappy at 8 months as well? (When I lightly squeeze the tip, it feels like air has been pumped in it, if that makes any sense. Ha.)