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After tummy tuck, fluid leaking from bellybutton

  • Ciremulb
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • 2 years ago

Abdominoplasty 5 1/2 weeks ago in Mexico. Coming out of anesthesia I ripped the drain out. Replaced 4 hours later. 10 days after surgery the drain fell out and the wound healed quickly. The fluid started leaking from my bellybutton. If I leaned over the sink and massaged my stomach it would squirt out. I have been tested for infection and that is negative. It has now stopped but because my bellybutton has healed. Should I be worried that the fluid is still being produced with no place to go?

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Thanks to the Dr.'s that commented. I'm heading to Mexico on Monday for a follow up with the PS. I'll keep you posted.
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Sorry...Heading there on Friday, not Monday.
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