After rhinoplasty recovery

  • Bako1980
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • 2 years ago

Hello all, I'm writing on behalf of my wife, she asked me to post on this website as she can't do this right now. She's had rhinoplastic surgery yesterday Feb-24th. Now we are home. And she is bruised swollen and very uncomfortable. She is sleepy all day which I think is an effect of anesthesia. She actually regrets that she's done it because of what she's going thru right now. I'm supporting and not letting her break down. Her eyelids are dark purple and swollen to the point that she can barely open her eyes. This makes her feel very bad and actually worries me and her. It's been a day since she had surgery. Is this normal. I mean this kind of swellings so that she's having difficulty opening her eyes to see things??? Please someone who's gone thru this can respond to this post with their experiences. This may sound stupid but she is worried that she may stay like this for a long time and not several days.Of course it is weekend and doctor's office is closed and we can't reach them to consult.

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Hi there,

Well, it's been two days now and your wife is hopefully seeing some improvement. Yes, the swelling and bruising is very common. Hopefully you were able to contact her surgeon today and hear those same words. The first few days are rough, but she should be feeling better and better as this week progresses. You can't help but regret the decision in very beginning, but as she heals she should like her results more and more.

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