How soon after BR have you scheduled a mammogram?

  • patsfan1231
  • 1 year ago

I was due for my routine mammogram one month post-op so it was cancelled and my surgeon recommended 6 months post-op. I am dreading it! My mammograms hurt terribly prior to surgery, but I have a small lump that developed shortly after surgery right above my incision line, he wants that lump "marked" by the tech so the radiologist can look at it. Might be fat necrosis or a stitch, hopefully nothing serious.

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I thought of that to but can't imagine having one for awhile. I'm 4 months post op and still sore.! That would be torture!
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It was! I hate going for them, wish there was a better way to see inside.
My PS said to wait a year. He told me if I had one sooner it would likely have something show up. He said to allow time for things to settle. I didnt even think about how painful they are.. Couldnt imagine having one anytime soon!
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My PS wanted it now because of the lump that showed up post-op and because I was due for my annual mammogram weeks after my surgery, so technically I was "overdue" for one. I am glad it's over and I would not recommend having one until at least 9 months post-op if all is well.
After I posted I re-read your intial post and realized you had to have it done. Sorry you had to do that. Good luck on your journey and hope all goes well :)
Update: I had a mammogram last week, at 4.5 months post-op! I also had a unilateral ultrasound. They took 4 images on the left and 6 on the right, by the 10th "smashing" I was in tears. Mammograms always hurt before surgery and it is no better now with smaller boobs, I think it's both the density of my tissue and the extreme force with which they are compressed. I have had a small lump since the first month after surgery and it was confirmed to be scar tissue, I need a repeat scan in 6 months to see if this scar tissue has calcified.
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I am hoping for the best, but I still have tenderness here and there, especially if I sleep too far on my sides... so I am not completely healed (even at 3 months!). I can't really postpone the mammogram any longer than May.
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I had to do one as part of my pre-op, so I don't plan to do one for another year unless it's recommended by someone. And recommended with good reason. Especially if I'm worried it will be uncomfortable due to the healing. But maybe it won't be as painful with all the extra tissue gone. Just a thought.
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thx molly
Has anyone had a mammogram after BR surgery? I am "bumping" this question for visibility. I have one scheduled for May and I will be LESS than 5 months post-op. Worried about the discomfort!
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