I need advise IMMEDIATELY!!! Please help, I'm in full-on panic mode

  • mustangwine
  • north dakota
  • 2 years ago

Hey ladies,   I'm freaking out here! I have been wanting a MM for a very long time.  I am 39, have 3 boys ages 19, 10 and 1 yrs.  My hubby is totally on board!  So I started looking for surgeons to consult with.  I live in North Dakota and it is very limited but there are two that I have researched and I'm pretty excited about (or at least I was).  

The first, Dr. Becker could not get me in for a consult for a little over 6 weeks, but I scheduled it anyway.  They had me fill out an online registration and answer several questions.  Then I called Dr. Honeycutt. Her office told me that I am too fat and they preferred to not consult with me.  Suggested that I loose weight and call them back.  I spoke with her nurse and she went into a long drawn out reasoning that I have a BMI at 30 and they are a restriction and that my outcome would be poor.....etc.  

When I got off the phone I was in tears.  It is not what I was expecting at all!   I am 5'10 weighing 210.  I wear a 16 and 38/40 D.  Here is my panic....Just now Dr. Becker's office called and said they can see me tomorrow at 2pm.  I am scared to death.  I don't want to be humiliated again for thinking I am a candidate.  Do I call back and cancel?  Do I suck it up and go anyway?  I'm usually calm cool and collected but I am freaking out here!   I have lost weight from 240 - 210 in the last couple of months.  Any help would be so incredibly appreciated.

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Congratulations Mustangwine! How wonderful for you.
The right doctor makes ALL the difference. Your news of being 18 days out and very happy just made my day! Keep us posted with photos if you can.
Many blessings!
Hey surgA I did see him and he was great! I'm scheduled for a beltlipectomy, breast lift, and plenty of lipo on July 10th. I'm super excited and really nervous. He was really honest with me. But also says I'll be bikini ready when he's done! Fingers crossed :-)
mustangwine ~ have you seen Dr. Becker for a consult? What did he say?

First of all, congratulations on losing those 30 pounds! That is no small feat. I'm sorry the first office made you feel badly. By now you've already gone on your consultation. And honestly, all doctors are different in their preferences. Some will operate on ladies not at their ideal weight, and some prefer to wait until they are closer.

What did the second doctor say? Are you a good candidate? Seems that removing the tummy skin would really help you exercise and lose the last bit of weight.