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Need advice on Mommy Makeover

  • Debo.Simran
  • 2 years ago

Hi,     I was browsing through internet for Mommy Makeover and came across this forum. Thought I can get some good advice and information what I am looking for from people who have undergone Mommy Makeover. I am 32 years old and have twin daughters of 7 years. I had a great expansion in my tummy due to the twin pregnancy which resulted in lot of loose skin, stretch marks and saggy breasts. I am thinking of getting tummy tuck done with breast lift (may be with breast augmentation). But before going for it I need some information or advice from any one who has undergone mommy make over.   1. Do all the stretch marks on the tummy area go away after tummy tuck and can I get a flat and firm tummy without any loose skin? 2. How long does it take to recover from tummy tuck procedure? I have to return to work within 2 weeks. Is it possible to go back to work in 2 weeks after tummy tuck done? 3. My breasts are moderate and am thinking of going for breast augmentation along with breast lift. But I am little afraid about the implants. I have read in the article about leakage, rupture of implants in some cases. Due to this I am not sure if it is a good idea to go for it or get only breast lift done. Can anyone please let me know if there is any complication due to the breast implants in future?   Please advice.    

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I did it and yes u will have a flat tummy with no loose skin.
Thanks for the reply. I am thinking of getting it done in June 1st week. Hoping to get good results :)
I had lots of stretch marks, up to my rib cage so I do have some left after surgery, but they are now on my lower abdomen. Once the healing and swelling is going down, your tummy should be nice and flat.
Depending on your work, you should be fine going back at two weeks. I'm taking off three, but I'm an RN.
Hi Debo,
I had my MM done a little over two weeks ago. I had a full tummy tuck with muscle repair, breast augmentation (silicone memory gel under muscle) and an incisional hernia repair, as well as an umbilical hernia repair.

I had itching afterward, but mine was caused by the Hydrocodone (which is a normal reaction many people have.) I was told to take Benadryl and that helped. All my itching was really all over my body, but scratching relieved it too. Never felt any inside the abdomen itching.

As far as implants, if you are scared of rupture, you can go with saline. If they rupture, they just deflate and are absorbed by your body and no harm is done. The new silicone are where if they are cut in half they stay in place and don't travel throughout the body. I had initially thought I'd go with saline, but after much research, I felt silicone was very safe.
Hi, Thanks a lot for the info.
Hi there. I had an extended TT, breast lift and gel implants 12 weeks ago. All of my stretch marks were below the belly button so they were all removed along with 2 lbs of excess skin. I had loose skin on my hips, not fat, so my scar goes pretty far back. Wearing a bikini that hides it will be tough the first year, but it's so wonderful to have pants fit me and no muffin top.
I'm 5'5 and 120 lbs. I wanted small implants since I work out a lot. I went with 300cc silicone gel. Im happy with them, but if I had even a small amount of breast tissue left I would have only done the lift, not the implant. If I didn't have an implant I'd be an A cup, and I wanted a little something. I'm now a full 34C at VS. I had a very quick recovery and would have been fine for work at 2 weeks, but everyone is different. Good luck!
Hi tlmars,

Thanks a lot for sharing your experience.
I just came across posts about itching after tummy tuck. Many of them who have undergone Tummy Tuck have posted that they are having severe itching inside the abdomen. I never knew about this and after reading these posts am really afraid of getting the tummy tuck done. If itching persists to such an extent after tummy tuck then I really feel that I do not want to go for it.

Please advice and suggest me should I go for tummy tuck or not and is this itching expected after TT?

Are you experiencing anything of this sort and are you happy with your results?

Hi there! I'm glad you found us.

I would recommend reading through several Mommy Makeover reviews to get an idea of what to expect. I think 2 weeks is the absolute minimum you should take off for this sort of procedure, and that is if you have a desk job or other non-physical occupation.

As far as breast implants go, yes, they can rupture and leak, though I don't think that's the norm. Many women go with saline so that if they rupture, the leaking salt water won't be harmful. There are new memory gel implants recently approved that supposedly stay intact if one becomes punctured. There are other risks to keep in mind, too. The most common of which, I think, is capsular contracture

I hope you'll start your story in our review community if you decide to go forth with this. Most women are absolutely thrilled with their results!

Thanks a lot for your advice Angie. Will get advice from my doctor about implants and see how it goes