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Has anyone seen results from an acupuncture face lift?

  • roselynn
  • 7 years ago

for lifting facial sagging or reducing wrinkles?

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I am very skeptical about successes of acupuncture facelifts. I have attended numerous conferences and have never seen a result of acupuncture facelift.

It also happens that my wife is an acupuncturist. I would love to let her do all my facelifts with needles, however, she's not very eager to jump aboard with acupuncture facelifts either.


Boris Volshteyn M.D., M.S.

Actual proven results are the reason why alot of hollywood actors are turning to acupuncture facelift rather than surgery and more so because the results look natural rather than artificial.
Do not waste your time and money on this. There is no scientific proof that they last. They only give you the impression on improvement due to the swelling that they do. After the swelling is gone you will go back to square one (typically in a week).
BE REALISTIC There is nothing that can replace surgery when the aging signs has been established. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY in search for short cuts.
Be REALISTIC....Acupuncture will not only benefit your overall health and physical appearance, but it will also raise your self-esteem. DO Not WASTE YOUR MONEY on unnecessary surgery, thats insanity!
The good candidate for the Mei Zen Cosmetic Acupuncture procedure is someone who is looking for a healthy alternative in order to have a younger look. One of Chinese Medicine's strengths is preventing disease, and a complete cosmetic acupuncture system works on preserving youth from both the inside and the outside. I recommend that women in their 30s start coming for Cosmetic Acupuncture treatments because their collagen, elastin, and oil production have already declined, and wrinkling will be the result unless they take action. The earlier the better so that wrinkling and sagging can be prevented longer. A good candidate is generally someone who is in good general health since one needs a certain quality and amount of Qi (energy forces) to maintain a youthful look.