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Has anyone gotten accused of having rhinoplasty?

  • RealSelfUser000
  • New York, NY
  • 1 year ago

I kept my surgery secret, as have many of you.  Has anyone gotten caught, suspected, or accused? Just curious, considering that my own family hasn't noticed, which is crazy!  

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I had a hump removed andmy family who lives overseas didn't notice that. Only two people noticed it, a colleague at work and one of my friends!
So far no one said anything except "I can't figure out why you look so good now" until yesterday -- I got caught! Someone finally confronted me and said its very discreet and looks great. I am SO worried that others will find out !
Well, at least they admitted it you look good. And that's a sign that your results are natural.
lol, i.e., only the people who see you as direct competition and analyze their features compared to your own ;)
i got caught. one person lol.