45 Years old size 40 F and seriously thinking about Breast Reduction

  • Burgh Lady
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • 3 years ago

Hi I'am considering Breast Reduction. I'am back and forth on this issue and to tell you the truth after seeing the after pictures with all the stitches and cuts it is very Scary! I developed early in the fourth grade actually one of the first girls, and mine just didn't start out like little buds they were like apples! and I have always been teased about them from everyone! I hate them I would love to wear cute tank tops and i could never wear bikini tops or tube tops (without losing it) and half shirts were just a total no no when i was growing up i would fall out the bottom. I have always had terrible headaches and back aches neck and shoulder pain. Horrible indents on my shoulders.Sexy lingerie forget it i can never wear that! I went for new bras about a month ago i swear i tried on 55 of them and finally i have a size 40F! All I'am is BOOBS! All BOOBS! so sick and tired of them. My hubby has always said get a reduction but i have always said no way i don't want to get cut! I had one surgery for an ectopic pregnatacy and had to have my tube removed. and i was cut in the bikini area and that was unbearable.But now I am seriously thinking of doing this. Any advice on this for me?????????