I am a 36DD. For insurance purposes my doctor has to remove 500 grams from each breast. She said this will reduce me to an A.

  • Patti1
  • 2 years ago

I am 5/6" and weigh 158 pounds. I would be glad to be relieved of neck pain and heavy breasts but I also don't want to look out of proportions.

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I'm scheduled for br on the 25th of sep 2012 I'm so nervous yet so happy• Thanx for all the info they're very helpful
I was a 36DDD. I had 548 grams from the right and 568 from the left. I am now a 36C.
That doesnt seem quite right. I know I am a 32DDD, and I told my doctor I would love to still be a small D. She said that would be doable. I have to have at least 300+ done for my insurance.

From what I have read, one cup size equals about 150g per cup. (it can be a little more) For your 500, that would mean about 3 cup sizes.

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Hope this helps. I think that your doctor is miscalculating somewhere.

I have attached a link to the Breast Reduction Q&A section of the community.  There are some great answers on this very topic.