3-4 months post op-what kind of changes did u observe?

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Hello everyone! i am super depressed today and yesterday. I think my nose is changing! I can't tell whether  I am imagining things or whether my nose Really has changed in the past two days. My doctor said that by 3 months, my nose should be almost at its final result. It is slightly past 3 months and I think my tip dropped a few millimeters in the past two days, unless I am imagining things. Doesn't sound like a big deal but it is. I loved my nose three days ago and now I am getting paranoid and depressed that it is changing. Can someone please tell me how long it was for you before you tip settled at its final height?  

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Thanks for your post! I think your nose looks fabulous in this picture. Did you hit your nose on something in the last couple days which could cause some temporary swelling?

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My sunglasses bumped against my nose bridge-not hard, but just enough for me to feel a twinge of pain. I have been exercising like a maniac to lose weight I put on during my recovery, and also eating a lot of salty foods--could that be why? Yesterday my nose looked terrible in the afternoon but by nighttime it looked cute again. What's going on!!!!
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