only 1000cc of lipo?

  • cjl
  • Texarkana, TX
  • 3 years ago

My PS will only do 1000cc of lipo during a TT and BA procedure. Has anyone else had their PS tell them this? I am disappointed, because I wanted him to do more on my back, hips and flanks.

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I have read that there can be an increased risk of necrosis when too much lipo is done with TT... esp. on the back. 1000cc's of lipo is a pretty decent amount... I had 1500 and he labeled it "extensive"... I actually inquired about getting my thighs done and he suggested that I was having "enough surgery". I was disappointed, but I would rather have a doctor who looks out for my safety then their own wallets!

Another woman had this same concern with Smart Lipo and she got some good doctor feedback. Check it out here.