Alan E. Zweig, DMD

Alan E. Zweig, DMD

Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist
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433 North Camden Dr., Suite 1133
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
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About Alan E. Zweig, DMD

Show More Alan E. Zweig, DMD practices in Beverly Hills at Alan E. Zweig, DMD as a Cosmetic Dentist. Dr. Zweig began participating on RealSelf in 2007, and has achieved "Participating Doctor " status. The doctor has 34 years of experience providing cosmetic and aesthetic medical services.

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Education / Training

Undergraduate: Washington University

Dental: DMD, Washington University School of Dental Medicine
Residency: University of Southern California School of Dentistry

Blog Posts and Articles

Check for ease when buying whitening kits

Make sure to look for how well the trays fit, the concentration of the bleach, how well the whitening product stays in the tray without seeping out, and how easy the kit is to use overall.

Toothpaste: the answer to whitening-related sensitivity

Have the office apply topical fluoride after whitening. Use a system that has been proven to minimize sensitivity or prescribe fluoride toothpaste for after treatment use. If you have the whitening trays, then put the prescription toothpaste in the trays.

Do your lungs and teeth a favor

Nothing stains teeth worst then smoking – and this practice also inflames gums. If you look in a smoker's mouth, you can envision what smoking is also doing to their lungs!

Regular flossing and cleanings make all the difference

I would LOVE for all my clients to recognize the importance of regularly flossing – it truly can make a HUGE difference. Also, I wish that my clients – and everyone in general! – got a regular cleaning and would ask their dentist to rem

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