Skin Graft + Eyelid Surgery

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Can skin grafting on upper eyelid fix the problem and produce favorable cosmetic result? (photos)

It has been almost 3 months since my upper eyelid surgery - a disaster as my PS removed too much skin. My eyes don't close at rest and am being... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors Who Do Skin Grafts on Eye Lids?

My eyelids turn up because too much skin was taken on a previous blep. I haven't found any help with this matter. They don't look bad, but are very... READ MORE

Upper Eyelid Skin Graft Removal?

I had upper eyelid skin graft done 1 month ago to lengthen my eyelids about 3mm so i have better eye closure, but the result was very bad and the eye... READ MORE

Will I need skin grafting after undergoing an aggressive bleph? (photos)

Had bleph in February 2014, too much skin removed (4mm to be exact) hence cannot completely close my eyelids at rest causing severe dry eye and... READ MORE

What is the treatment for lagophthalmos due to overly aggressive eyelid surgery?

Back in 2006 I had upper eyelid surgery performed while traveling overseas, this surgery was not on the agenda, but it happened.Being that todays... READ MORE

Eyelid retraction ater road accident: What can be done in revision surgery? (Photo)

I had a road accident which led to glass pieces piercing my eyelid and eye. Post surgery my eyelid retracted and a string like mass grew inside my eye... READ MORE

Upper eyelid skin graft?

Want to ask more about my previous question. Had upper eyelid skin graft done 1 mth ago to lengthen my eyelids about 3mm so i have better eye... READ MORE

If I'm suffering from lagophthalmos due to excessive skin removal. Is skin grafting the only option left for me?

If I'm suffering from lagophthalmos due to excessive skin removal even after all the healing is done, is skin grafting the only option left for me?... READ MORE

After an orbital fracture surgery, my lower eyelid retracted. Should I have a skin graft or alloderm spacer to fix? (photos)

The ophthalmology surgeon (2nd dr.) who failed to correct the retraction believes I should attempt another surgery involving an alloderm spacer which... READ MORE

Is it possible to have skin grafts to upper inside of eye lids after a bad eye lift surgery? (photo)

Nobody mentioned prior that my forehead would now pull down and that too much skin would be cut away to cause me deep set eyes and in pics look like... READ MORE

How horrible do skin grafts look on upper eyelids (after all healing is complete)?

To cure lagophthalmos after over-excision of skin in double eyelids surgery. Is the colour difference and "patch-like" effect the only cosmetic... READ MORE

When to do skin grafting to cure over-excised skin after double eyelid surgery? Do I have to wait 6 months?

Can't sleep, blink fully, eyes are in constant pain of stinging sensations and vision deterioration (esp in class when I can't always be putting in... READ MORE

Why are skin grafts on upper eyelids not good cosmetically?

Is it just because of the colour difference? I heard it blends in overtime.. Or are there other reasons (ie: bumpiness, wrinkles, etc.)? Thank you. READ MORE

An oculofacial plastic surgeon has confirmed too much skin was removed during double eyelid surgery. Where do I go from here?

He said there's nothing he can do for me now except prescribe eye drops. The only solution is a skin graft but he firmly stated he wants no part in it... READ MORE

Referred to ocular surgeon 8 weeks ago, what is the average waiting time? Eye is swollen & irritated for 4 months. (photo)

Have had 2 botched lower eyelid surgeries by general plastic surgeons. First one left fat pocket...2nd one removed pocket, but now I need tendon... READ MORE

Will my eyelids ever close completely after undergoing an aggressive bleph? Or will I need skin grafting? (photo)

As requested, more photos. Had bleph in February 2014, too much skin removed hence cannot completely close my eyelids at rest causing severe dry eye... READ MORE

What is the difference between a full-thickness skin graft and a skin flap?

In terms of procedure, healing, purposes, aesthetic outcome, etc. Thanks. READ MORE

Skin graft 3 weeks ago: Skin was removed from the back of my ear and the new skin on my eye looks pink - Will it fade? (Photo)

Will the pink and heaviness of the eyelid go away as the graft scar heals how long does it take for the scar to heal ? READ MORE

How is a skin graft done on the upper eyelids after full incisional double eyelid surgery? (Over skin excision.)

I know that the skin in the crease was connected to the levator muscle, so would the stitches/scar holding it have to be removed in order to implant... READ MORE

Can I make my medial canthus symmetrical in both eyes? (And other eye questions) (Photo)

My right eye has a smaller platform than the left, and the canthus is higher and horizontal while the left eye is rounded and has a canthus that... READ MORE

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