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eMatrix (aka Matrix Skin) is a skin resurfacing treatment that is marketed as dark-skin friendly. The treatments usually involves three treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart.

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Dont go to AMERICAN LASER CENTER in Charlotte, NC. I had 2 E Matrix and 2 Affirm. These people never applied numbing cream, so you can imagine how that was, those who have had it before. I ask about the cream. "we dont do that here". The manager was super rude. I only missed and... READ MORE

I had the Ematrix for entire face eight days ago. My skin today looks smooth, fresh and as if I'm wearing a concealer. Very happy with results so far! One year ago I had the CO2 laser. That was much more painful and a lot of redness, pain and bruising afterwards but the results were amazing... READ MORE

I dont understand how Ematrix is not working for some people. I have had 1 treatment and I can see results! I will admit that the Ematrix RF works a heck of a lot better than just elos fractional laser. Also, people have to keep in mind that it takes 10 weeks to get the FINAL result. Your body... READ MORE

It has been seven days since my second ematrix treatment. My first was five weeks ago. It was done by an anesthetist at a spa who has been doing laser treatments for 30 years.The first treatment wass very painful but the second was almost unbearable. She turned up the volume.I used a numbing... READ MORE

I've heard about the eMatrix through youtube and how it suppose to be better then other kinds of lasers. I search online to the clinic near my local area and went to a consultation. I've been struggling with really horrible acne scars left during adolescence years and really wanted to... READ MORE

I had my first ematrix treatment yesterday. I paid $2,065 for 4 treatments. I was told that I wouldn't start seeing results until after the second treatment so its too early to comment on the effectiveness of ematrix. I am 52 years old and wanted the procedure primarily to address the... READ MORE

I started with a B setting. I was able to go out to eat the next night. The treatment was sublative! -love that! Works under the skin /\ leaving the skins surface with barely visable marks. My next treatment will be the C setting. I am looking forward to it. This is WORTH IT! -best money I have... READ MORE

Starting the E- Matrix I was looking for it to be used as an anti-aging tool helping to fill in fine lines and wrinkles. Wow did it do that plus more. This treatment changed the texture of my skin making my make up go on like butter and the pores on my face shrink in size along with the fine... READ MORE

The first few have been OK for a nice shiny complexion due to burning the top layer of my face off. However, I still have the same acne scars that I had when I started this three treatments ago. Something I want to share that was a little alarming is that I used (their recommendation) ice... READ MORE

I am 44 and have been investing heavily in my face/skin for the last 5 years. Botox, filler, Retin-A, microcurrent and good at home skin care. Even so, my skin still was not as tight and smooth as I wanted it to be. My plastic surgeon actually gave me one free treatment of Matrix RF in... READ MORE

So far, so good. Here in Dallas there is a wonderful alternative to the high cost of these non-surgical cosmetic treatments--an institute where they teach them. Because it is a school, you can either choose to have an instructor (regular cost) or students (super low cost) do the procedures. Yes,... READ MORE

Completed my first of 4 treatments about 11 days ago on Sept 16. My skin does feels tighter and softer. My husband and one close friend notice a difference after only one treatment. It's a slight difference, but given I've only had one treatment so far, I'm very pleased. I look... READ MORE

I had wanted to sign up for foto facials which have really helped my rosacea and boken capileries in the past but the ALC manager did a great sales job on me saying how much better ematrix would be for me. I took the bait and handed over $2500 for 4 treatments. Turns out ematrix is not good for... READ MORE

I have some minor acne scarring and hyper pigmentation that I hope to get rid of. The treatment was uncomfortable but the nurse told me up front to expect some down time and that I may have swelling and redness for a few days. She was correct, but after a week my skin definitely showed... READ MORE

EMatrix. Not worth trying. I spent $2500 for four sessions. I do not see any different. Wrinkles are still on my face, saggy skin is still there and scars never go away. Don't even try it because you just waste your money and time. READ MORE

I purchased a package for 4 sessions from American Laser, was told that the downtime was less than fraxel. This is inaccurate and dishonest information. The day after I called them my entire face was swollen but they don't have any doctor in their staff. They just simply minimized all my... READ MORE

Went in. was REALLY nervous. The person who did my consult told me that she was nervous when she did it the first time too. she asked a client if I could see her after she was done to see how red she got - thankfully she did. Couple days after I had itty bitty red dots. Make up covers them... READ MORE

I had my 1st treatment & noticed a difference in my skin with in the 1 week. After my skin started to heal I noticed some of my hyperpigmentation was clearing up & my skin felt softer than ever. I had treatment B. For acne & my settings were @ 30. Treatment A is for fine line... READ MORE

Treating acne scars and fine lines. The treatment it's self was only midly uncomfortable. Some heat in the skin lasted about an hour. Loved the results. Had the small pin points on my face but covered with makeup no problem. Noticed a tighness right away and a great change in the texture a... READ MORE

Not worth the money. I have had five treatments and see no difference. The first day is painful, the second day not so bad. Did nothing for my sun damage spots. I have a tiny scar on my chin which is still there and all my crows feet are the same. Not one bid of difference. I was promised... READ MORE

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