3 Months Post-op + Ear Surgery

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3 Months Post-Op Ear Pinning, Left Ear is Protruding More than the Right, is a Revision Needed?

My 8 year old daughter had her ears pinned three months ago and now the left ear appears to be protruding more than the right. Before surgery it... READ MORE

I Had an Otoplasty in Nov 2011, Completely Failed, Reversed to Original Appearance Within 3 Months?

The surgeon had put in dissolving stitches the first time. He re-did the procedure about 8 months later and used permanent stitches. He did not remove... READ MORE

Otoplasty Revision Was a Failure?

I underwent my first otoplasty procedure 3 years ago and the results were satisfactory, I was able to put my hair up and feel confident. After my... READ MORE

My son (10) had overcorrected otoplasy 3 mths ago. I have consultation with surgeon & need advice? (photo)

How do I approach this situation? His ears are bent too far back and do not have a natural appearance. Antihelix is very prominent and Helix can... READ MORE

Can Revision Otoplasty Be Performed? (photo)

I had otoplasty on both my ears three months ago. I am really pleased with the right side, however, the top of my left ear is still prominent. My... READ MORE

3 months post op otoplasty. Very unhappy with my antihelix, Two different ears? Should I have a revision?

I had my surgery done about three months ago 2-7-14, i am very unhappy with my results. My Right ear unsuccessfully fold on Antihelix. I gave him a... READ MORE

I had otoplasty 3 months ago. The problem I asked to be addressed hasn't been and one of my ears is even worse. My imagination?

I've always had an outward curvature from mid ear up making me feel like I had "satellite dishes" on the sides of my head. I explained the result I... READ MORE

Otoplasty "Permanent Suture Reaction" I have discomfort left ear and pain, the area (skin) gets red sometimes. What to do?

I had otoplasty 3 months ago (nonabsorbable permanent suture only / no cartilage removed) . 1 month ago I started to have some symptoms (left ear... READ MORE

Otoplasty. I had a suture technique, not cartilage removal. 3 months later I have a protruding permanent suture. What to do?

I had an otoplasty 3 months ago. Now I'm having a permanent protruding suture on the back of my ear. I asked 2 different doctors but they have... READ MORE

3 months post op Otoplasty, disappointed with results, what should I do? (Photo)

I had my otoplasty surgery about 3 months ago. Originally I thought the surgery went ok but as the ears have relaxed they have slowly started to stick... READ MORE

Are there ligaments in ear cartilage?

11 weeks after unilateral otoplasty, wound healed well, stitches absorbed a month ago, everything fine for now except for a mild (decreasing) numbness... READ MORE

Protruding suture after "suture only" technique otoplasty. It is possible to remove the suture? what about the shape of the ear?

I had a suture technique otoplasty 3 months ago. the protruding suture can be remove it after 3 months otoplasty without affecting the shape of the... READ MORE

I had ear surgery 3 month ago and I'm not happy with the result. Do you think I have flap ear? (Photo)

Can you please focus on my right ear, My left ear looks like as it it is leaning on a straight wall but my right ear does't look like that. The... READ MORE

OTOPLASTY. Pulling sensation in outer ear canal (left ear only) especially when (wiggle ears, raise eyebows). What can it be?

I had otoplasty (permanent suture technique only) 3 month and 2 weeks ago. right ear a little tender but is ok but the left ear creates a strong... READ MORE

Otoplasty Suture only technique (3 months po) The ear canal entrance feels tension especially when wiggle. Is it suture related?

I had otoplasty 3 months ago suture technique only 4 permanent sutures each ear I went to ENT to check my hearing and Dr. said ear canals are good but... READ MORE

I am 3 months post otoplasty, would ear shape change, what revision is needed? (photos)

I have done otoplasty 3 months ago only in my left ear because it was protruding , and now it's deformed, would it improve? Need your help READ MORE

Will ear shape improve? It's been 3 months since surgery (Photo)

I made otoplasty in my left ear before 3 months because it was protruding more than the right ear, I am satisfied about the pinning of the ear because... READ MORE

Otoplasty result opinions and symmetry queries? (photos)

I posted about otoplasty already but was advised to show more photos so here are plenty. My original question was about opinions on my result as i... READ MORE

3 months post op Otoplasty, I have discomfort at the top of my left ear canal when I move my ear. Is this normal? (photos)

I had otoplasty 3 months ago (permanent suture technique only ) @the second month a mild discomfort (dry / itchy) started "after"my ENT did a... READ MORE

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