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With its needle-studded front, the Dermal Roller may look scary but it’s proven helpful in the treatment of shallow scars and facial lines. By creating tiny punctures on the skin’s top layer, this micro-needling stimulates collagen and elastin creation, which helps rejuvenate the skin. LEARN MORE ›
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So here goes, I've been on here for appx 7 months, My skin was badly damaged last year after who knows what. I had ONE session of yag laser for a few broken caps on my nose along with 2 hydrafacials. I had these done at Lucie Capek's office in Albany. Exactly 3 days after my 2nd hydrafacial, my... READ MORE

I have deep acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. I've been using at-home chemical peels for years with very minimal results. As a grad student, I obviously can't afford expensive professional treatments so I bought this dermaroller on Amazon. I did my first treatment four weeks ago and its hard... READ MORE

Me: I'm the stretch mark queen. I've gained & lost 110lbs. I've had "love lines" for 20 yrs. I bought this derma roller on Amazon. I repeated use 2x a day. I used only after cleansing skin & soaking derma roller in alcohol to prevent infection after skin is penetrated by the needles. It's... READ MORE

Got a great deal on three treatments of the Dermapen by the person who did my botox and filler (only done that once), so I thought why not? Dermapen is a type of microneedling device, but not a roller. I heard about skin needling (Collagen Induction Therapy - CIT) years ago and the science... READ MORE

So I just started using a Derma roller 3.0mm for my super deep acne scars.. These photo was taken 5 days after my first treatment. I will post more pictures after my second tx to see if there is any results. I used a numbning cream cause 3.0mm is the deepest one, and I tell you after the topical... READ MORE

Hi I'll contribute a review, because I think doing this pays it forward somehow. This website is my go-to for cosmetic research. Most people on this site have seen these little torture devices. With a handle, these cylinders are covered in tiny needles that a few of us deliberately roll over our... READ MORE

Derma rolling Hi! I am documenting my experience with derma rolling my stretch marks, cellulite and subcutaneous fat. Here's some basics about me, my derma roller, and products I'm using. I'm cautiously optimistic about dermal rolling and hope that this info helps you as well. :) Me: -Early... READ MORE

Hi all, Today will be my first time in my entire life using the "derma-roller" product. So far, I followed the directions and have used the products afterwards. It first felt uncomfortable and I was feared that I would puncture my skin, but after getting the hang of it, it was not as bad as... READ MORE

I am writing to review my experience with derma rolling at home.I have light olive skin, female, age 31.I don't have wrinkles, I have some very faint fine lines but these are not my main concern, I roll for acne scarring improvement. I have some moderate acne scarring that needs attention while... READ MORE

I am no stranger to procedures and always strive to look the best I can in the most natural way possible. I have had injectable treatment by Dr. Emer before and the experience and results exceeded my expecting. So when he recommended I try PRP (platelet rich plasma) combined with microneedling,... READ MORE

I've had this scar for 5 years from a bug bite on my leg. I tried "icing" it off at my Dermatologist and it didn't work so I'm going to try Derma Rolling followed by Vit C Serum for a few weeks. The Derma Roller is supposed to reduce scars and plump up skin by creating collagen. So we will... READ MORE

I've had problems with acne for many years. I was really hoping that in my 20's things would get better and that I would be less prone to outbreaks. The acne left me with light scaring and large pores on my cheeks. And I still get pimples. I've tried various treatments such as chemical peels... READ MORE

I'm only starting this review because I'm doing it at home and just started. After much research and debate, I'm pretty sure my plan is to dermaroll once every week, and then single needle the deep, static "11"'s between my brows. This will be my only area of treatment for now. Will comment if... READ MORE

Heard about derma roller , as I have had stretch marks for half my life , I decided it was time to commence battle. After using the roller semi hard , a few days later I noticed the skin became dry and started to itch , so I used almond oil to alleviate the itchiness and dryness, the wrinkles... READ MORE

Hey I would just like to post my experience with the derma roller. Prior to ever using the derma roller my tummy was very crepey and had a lot of loose skin due to me having a 10 lb baby and gaining 50lbs during my pregnancy! I purchased the derma roller in February and this has been my third... READ MORE

Hi ! So I have some rather annoying stretch marks on my upper thigh/lower waist so to say ! Although not extremely visible I would definitely love to get rid of them ! My coworker recently told me about the roller and after researching I thought I would give it a try ! I started on Thursday so... READ MORE

22 February 2014 I have been reading this forum for a while to gain insight on the best way to remove face wrinkles and scars on my wrist from a silly attention seeking episode when I was 16 yrs old. I am now 43 and the signs of a hard life are now showing, while I do not have too much acne... READ MORE

Ok so I've had this derma roller from MTS 1.5mm for at least 2 yrs but never used it because it looked scary. Lately I've noticed my skin pores large and acne scars more noticeable and my make up didn't go as smooth as before so I decided to give it a go. I rolled it on my cheeks 10x in each... READ MORE

I am 45 years old and wanted to take care of acne scars as well as fine lines around my eyes and the parenthesis lines around my mouth. I do get fillers but with light hair and eyes, the crepe paper wrinkles are really starting to come in. The surgeon originally recommended pearl laser. I booked... READ MORE

I have had 4 derma pen treatments in 5 months and based on before and after pictures I took on my cell phone there have been exactly zero results. There is no difference on fine lines, wrinkles, tightening, pore size or really anything at all. In addition to the derma pen, the spa put a light... READ MORE

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