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I Feel a Gap at the Back of my Dental Bridge and the Gum Line, Can Infection Get in Between?

I have just had a new zircinium bridge fitted. I can feel a gap between the crown edges and my gum line. The dentist said it is okay, but surely... READ MORE

Porcelain Crowns Instead of Braces for Gapped Teeth?

I am missing two top teeth. I only have my two front and my canines. Thus leaving a "gappy" smile. I missed out on having braces as a kid,... READ MORE

I Have Large "Black Triangles" 3 mm Wide Between my Front Teeth, Are Crowns a Good Option?

I have large "black triangles" between my front teeth. They are about 3 mm wide. I wanted to cover up these spaces. My dentist said these... READ MORE

Should my All Porcelain Crowns Have These Gaps Between the Crown and Gum Line at the Back?

I can also rub my tongue off the back of the edge and it feels thick, and food gets stuck up in those gaps every now and then and are hard to remove.... READ MORE

Should Have my Dentist Cut my Papillae Completely out when She Installed Two Crowns Side by Side? Left with Large Gap? (photo)

The dentist said my papillae will grow back is this true? the crowns were cemented with no contact between them causing food trapping between... READ MORE

Will the Crown Lengthening Create Gaps Between my Teeth?

I have a gummy smile and will have cosmetic crown lengthening done. Will the crown lengthening create gaps between my teeth? READ MORE

Lost my Temporary Filling in Front Tooth?

I am getting a permanent crown on one of top front teeth on Mon or Tues. Last night, lost my temp crown. Now, I look like a hillbilly because it's one... READ MORE

I Have Crown on my Front Tooth Since 16years. Now Recently I Am Noticing the Huge Gaps?

Hi, I am noticing huge gaps in my front teeth. I went to the general dentist and she suggested that my crown need to be replaced and also she said... READ MORE

Just Got Porcelain and Gold Crowns for my Front Teeth, but There's a Small Gap? (photo)

Prior to my new crowns, I was using a metal fused crown that my current dentist says 'was not anatomically correct' for my front teeth. I just got the... READ MORE

Gap on Front Margin of Crown, Five Months Old, What to Do?

My dentist filled the crown and the fillinng just fell off three wks later. This crown is the only tooth at the back of mu mouth that there is no... READ MORE

Can I Get the Gap in my Front Teeth Reopened After Having Crowns Placed?

I have always had a gap between my 2 front teeth, last year I got my front teeth crowned I specifically asked my dentist to retain my gap. Reason... READ MORE

Develop a Gap Between my Teeth After Two Separate Crowns on Front Teeth? (photo)

I am in Korea and I am getting two permanent crowns done on my front 2 teeth. My Korean dentist wants to attach the crowns so that they are one unit.... READ MORE

I have a two week old crown. There a visible black line where it meets the gum. Should I be worried?

I am worried there is a big opening at the top of tooth if I can pull floss over the top. Gum also bleeds and is very soft. READ MORE

Missing Canine?

When i was still young my doctor extracted my (r) canine because he thought it was a temporary one, but as the years rolled by, no canine appeared... READ MORE

These two newly created crowns have a small gap between them that causes food to be regularly stuck in the gap.

I would think that since the crowns were molded as one procedure that the result would not have a gap. READ MORE

How Many Millimeters Can a Sulcabrush's Bristles Go Under the Tooth Gum Line to Clean the Sulcus?

My periodontists cares for what is left in my mouth. Besides deep cleanings every 3 months, regular brushing and using the sulcabruch, what else is... READ MORE

Should a Tiny Space at One Point Between an Otherwise Well-seated Crown Be a Reason for a New Crown?

When my crown came off, my dentist took x-rays with it in place and saw a tiny area on one edge where there was a gap. The crown is at least 15 years... READ MORE

Porcelain bonded metal crown / bridge and ceramic bridge. Which is best for gaps in the teeth? (Photo)

I have one gap in my front teeth and two on either side of the teeth. Can Porcelain bonded metal crown / bridge and ceramic bridge help close the gaps... READ MORE

90 with Gapping Front Teeth?

Mother in law is 90 she has 5 front upper teeth left, 2 of the crowns came off, has no stub of teeth left, she 1 tooth on right side left, 2 on the... READ MORE

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