CoolSculpting Videos

"It Exceeded My Expectations!" Anita Shares Her Experience With CoolSculpting

Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport performed CoolSculpting on Anita's abdomen to improve her waistline. Hear what she has to say about the results. VIEW NOW

Find the Best Body Contouring Option for You — From Non-Surgical to Surgical Procedures

Dr. Hampton Alexander Howell discusses what body contouring is and techniques including CoolSculpting and Smart Lipo. VIEW NOW

Hate That Bra Bulge? Here's What the Doctor Recommends

Dr. Michael A. Zadeh shows what he uses to help women remove stubborn back fat. VIEW NOW


See What Happens During CoolSculpting

What can you expect from CoolSculpting? Join Dr. Peter J. Capizzi and see for yourself. VIEW NOW

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Your Body Contouring Options: Picking the Right Procedure for You

Dr. Scott Tucker details the various procedures available for body contouring, from CoolSculpting to tummy tucks. VIEW NOW

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CoolSculpting: Freeze Away Unwanted Fat!

Dr. Shelena Lalji explains this non-surgical, non-invasive procedure for the reduction of exercise resistant fat. VIEW NOW

After Her Tummy Tuck, Joy Has a Consultation for CoolSculpting

Lauri Kane explains CoolSculpting and what areas of the body can be treated. VIEW NOW

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You Can't Expect the Same Thing From CoolSculpting as You Do From Liposuction — The Doctor Explains

Dr. Dean Kane explains how CoolSculpting works, treatment areas and how the technology was discovered. VIEW NOW

What Procedures Do Men Most Commonly Get? This Doctor Says...

What procedures do men ask for at Dr. Louis Bucky's office? Get the answer. VIEW NOW


New Moms, Consider These Questions Before Surgery

Here's what Dr. Laurie Casas recommends to women looking to have surgery after pregnancy. VIEW NOW

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Who's the Best Patient for a Mommy Makeover?

Pretty but functional — that's how Dr. Louis Bucky describes the goal of a mommy makeover. Learn more about this procedure. VIEW NOW


AquaShape Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting: The Doctor's Opinion

In an interview with the Wellness Hour, Dr. Jeffrey Ditesheim explains the difference between these two procedures and which treatment he prefers and why. VIEW NOW

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Watch This Woman Get CoolSculpting on Her Lower Abdomen

This woman gets CoolSculpting on her abdomen at Dr. Laxmeesh Mike Nayak's office. The fat reduction treatment is non-invasive with no downtime. VIEW NOW


CoolSculpting Followed by Venus Freeze: Watch the Combination Procedure in 15 Seconds

Dr. James W. Goodnight explains and demonstrates how CoolSculpting and Venus Freeze work to reduce this woman's muffin top. VIEW NOW

"It Actually Works!" The Doctor Discuss CoolSculpting

What's the big deal about CoolSculpting? Hear what Dr. Paul Vitenas, Jr., has to say. VIEW NOW