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Like most other dental implants, ClearChoice's are medical-grade titanium implant fixtures that are fused to the jaw bone, with permanent crowns (and bridges, if needed) placed on the implants. ClearChoice operates implant centers around the U.S. which offer a variety of implant procedures. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $31,325

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I was terrified to go through with this! I found out last fall/winter that I had a crack in tooth #9 that went all the way up to the root. I got a second opinion and they were certain that the tooth was going to have to come out. I have always had very nice teeth and have always taken very good... READ MORE

Terribly disappointed in the outcome. ClearChoice Dental Implant of Kansas (and Greater Kansas City) has advertisements on television/internet advertising excellent outcomes but this is far from the case. The impressions for preparation of the crowns were done by poorly supervised assistants who... READ MORE

Hi! I've always had bad teeth. I get cavities no matter how frequently u brush. I went to the dentist regularly, and got filling after filling. Then my dentist retired. I saw the guy who took over his practice, and had a filling done, and that was the beginning of the end. He left a big... READ MORE

I am 45 years old & my teeth are almost all gone. I currently have no molars, a bridge that is broken & could break off at any moment. I only have 17 teeth left and all are crowned accept three. Three of the 17 are just roots & need to be pulled. I was born in England & for the first 7 years... READ MORE

I just had my surgery Dec. 21, 2012 at the San Diego CC. I received full denture implants, 4 on the top, 4 on the bottom, with teeth extractions as well. Looking at some real pretty teeth right now, of course just temporaries. Everyday I feel something different happening during my recovering.... READ MORE

I found Dr. Gabor O and his team very professional. Dr.Gabor made me feel at ease the minute i met him. I had 7 extractions under IV sedation as i'm quite nervous of dental treatment and I received 18 implants. The implant surgery was done on the very first day and I received a full set of top... READ MORE

I went to consultation yesterday in san antonio and talked to suzie. she was very helpful and not pushy at all. i toured the facility, met the lab technicians, but I passed on meeting the prosthodontist yet. My work up appt is july 27th at 7:30 a.m. I will meet him then. I had been diagnosed... READ MORE

That's right my cost was zero. And do you know why? Because for the last two years Clear Choice has run a little know contest for Veterans called " Star Spangled Smiles". What they do is select from people in each of the cities where they have Clear Choice Dental Implant Centers,... READ MORE

I had seen several dentists and they are had a complicated process when it came to replacing my teeth. Not only was I scared about the process but also the pain. The prices ranged heavily. My friend told me about ClearChoice Dental Implant Center because they were known to specialize in implants... READ MORE

I had my procedure done in Schamburg, IL. I have never adjusted to the palette on the plate. It feels as those the palette burns the roof of my mouth. It's truly like having a sore in the roof of my mouth that never goes away, it's extremely uncomfortable. I've complained & had it continually... READ MORE

TODAY I had all my teeth removed for the all on 4 procedure at clear choice portland. I am in the recovery room. Mild pain, took 2 vicodin. Surgery went well. attended by main surgeon, 2 surgeons assistant, and nurse anesthesiologist. Hisory- After a consultation, exam, xrays,... READ MORE

I am having dental implants and crowns done at ClearChoice in Scottsdale/Phoenix AZ. The two doctors that I have met so far seem very nice and very competent. The cost is only $18,000 instead of around $30,000, because I am not needing everything done that their average patient might need done... READ MORE

Well I went in for my initial visit this past Monday. I have done my research on the all in 4 implant system. I have a full upper denture and my 5 front bottom teeth that have had root canals and crowns yrs ago. I go back on the 26th for my full exam and impressions then a few days later to go... READ MORE

Teeth break off every couple of months & need fixing, I had pain in one side that never went away, kept complaining but it was never checked, so in order to get it checked I went for a possible lower set eval. (so they would do an X-ray). Found I had severe infection in the side I had... READ MORE

I was looking for a good doctor does an implant and I saw advertisment on tv every were about clearchoice I like it but before that I read a reviews but I just tought this can' be true or can be false. I just went and try it doctor felice seems nice until she gets your money after that she is... READ MORE

As I read through the comments here, I just wanted to share my experience with the progress and why I selected Clear Choice, When I 1st enquired about implants over a year ago, I got a quote from a dentist that advertised that they did implant surgery and another competitor to CC before I went... READ MORE

I spent $33,000 to have 6 upper and 6 lower front teeth done. It has been very hard to schedule appointments because their doctors and surgeons are never there and they call and cancel my appointments all the time. After the surgery they put these flimsy temporaries in my mouth that aren't... READ MORE

It's been about a month and a half since my surgery. I'm hoping in the end, it will be worth the money and time ( and lack of food). I'm a little disappointed at this point because I only have the non-removable teeth on the bottom. Per the Dr., I have a denture on the top to give the screws a... READ MORE

I had the implant placed in February in Rockville, MD. Clear Choice was by far the most expensive, $5,000, upfront for the implant and crown. They advertise that the implant & crown can be done in one day. Not so, that' only for a full set of teeth. I moved to Atlanta in March and have been... READ MORE

I had complete replacement of all of my teeth along with wisdom teeth extraction. The results are extraordinary. The new implants look real, are straight and white. Something that I could never say about my real teeth. 4 on one top and bottom. A brand new smile! I had discolored, crooked and... READ MORE

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