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Clear braces use a series of clear, removable aligner trays to straighten crooked or crowded teeth. LEARN MORE ›
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Smilelign Clear Braces are relatively new to the market, so I believe. After trying to find as much information as possible about the procedure I was stuck with reading about Invisalign but nothing really regarding Smilelign itself. So here I am, writing my first blog... Hope I don't... READ MORE

I always had healthy, strong teeth (only one cavity in 53 years...) and I took good care of them. They never looked particularly good, always a bit crooked and a shade of ivory close to C1/C2 (according to the chart I am checking). I had them cleaned and whitened at the dentist once a year and... READ MORE

I am a 42 year old female who had braces twenty years ago to correct minor/moderate crowding on my top teeth. I stopped wearing my retainer (bad move!) about six or seven years ago. Of course my crowding returned - although I am beginning this treatment before it gets as bad as it was before... READ MORE

Received my first set on 12/10/14 (almost a month ago) and it was a lot to get used to at first. My teeth hurt a little bit & minor headaches, but nothing crazy. I hated the feeling of plastic in my mouth. My worst concern is that I had a lisp that was pretty noticeable to me especially with... READ MORE

Am I too old for braces ? This is the question that I have been asking myself for many years, so at 40 years old I finally took the plunge and booked myself an appointment with a dental practice that when I researched online seemed to come highly recommended and have won many awards over the the... READ MORE

I had braces for just two months at doctor Alonso office that was great. His office is located in a very good area and close to very nice places. About my treatment was clear braces and after two months i got my gap closed. It wasnt uncorfortable to wear and almost not noticeable with clear... READ MORE

Hi everyone. So I have just started my clear aligner treatment with a UK based company called Smilelign, which seems similar to Invisalign but is cheaper for UK patients as the aligners are made in the UK. I haven't come across any other Smilelign reviews so thought I would start my own. I'm... READ MORE

Bioliner Plus – Five Star Ortho This review is about the Bioliner Plus brand of clear aligners. Bioliners are made by Five Star Otho – a lab based in Denton, TX. The system is gaining popularity slowly - I've noticed a lot more practices are advertising it, but strangely enough there... READ MORE

It took me years to decide to get braces. My anterior teeth didn't hit right my lower teeth and I didn't like the way my teeth looked, but I didn't want a "metal mouth" as an adult. I looked into Clear ceramic braces.My braces were barely noticeable.I love my end result.Thanks Dr... READ MORE

Customer service is extremely helpful the entire way! I sent in photos of my teeth and they determined I MIGHT be a candidate for the procedure. I purchased the $95 impression kit and it arrived in just a few days. If I had not qualified for the aligned after the kit arrived, then the money... READ MORE

After BAD experiences with (2) other Orthodontists (& lots of wasted $) found DR. with GENUINE dedication to her craft and MY very specific needs as an adult patient with braces. Not the fanciest office around, but this Orthodontist is one of the FINEST professionals I've ever met! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! READ MORE

I had traditional braces several years before and was getting married and wanted to look my best. I called my orthodontist and he recommended these as a more affordable alternative. It was less than $1K and within a couple of months my teeth were perfectly straight again! They are easy to use... READ MORE

I just called to speak with someone regarding the Simpl-5 device. I was prescribed this by my dentist back in July. In a matter of weeks, I had a toxic reaction. I was told that this is impossible, therefore, I spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours going to various specialists to find... READ MORE

ALL positive! I had Dr. Jue put short term orthodontics on me. They were off in time for my BIG wedding! I saw Dr Jue on facebook talking about 6 Month Smiles. I called the next day and got in to start the process. Dr Jue was really great in putting on my braces, I cant wait to have... READ MORE

Invisilign, as a product provider, does not care about you (because you are not a patient) and they won't respond to any inquiry. READ MORE

I have wanted a brace for years with my teeth slowly getting more and more crowded. As it was only minor alterations required I decided to go for simpli5 which is for top and bottom but just 5 moulds for each. I figured if at the end I still didn't have my desired results, I could go for... READ MORE

Had traditional metal braces when I was younger, and was not given a 'life retainer.' As a result, my upper teeth had moved marginally (most people say my teeth aren't that bad). The front two teeth are quite large and protuded slightly. For a long time I wanted to get them... READ MORE

Mine is pretty cheap as I am only having 5 appliances to straighten a couple of teeth. I have just put my first appliance in and although it is quite painful, I am really excited about what the outcome is going to be!! I didn't use the company invisalign, but a cheaper company who does... READ MORE

I went to my dentist here in the United Kingdom originally seeking the new dental appliance, the Inman aligner. However, this dental appliance is an option for people who only want to improve the front 5/6 teeth. My biggest concern was primarily my top front tooth being rotated, the dentist told... READ MORE

Invisalign is overrated. The fee was expensive. There are other companies, now surfaced, will do same quality work just about a half of the Invisalign price. Invisalin recently lost its battle against law suits; its long time monopoly history in clear braces has ended. You can ask your... READ MORE

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