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Cellulite has a tendency to stick around no matter what you do, but Cellulaze promises to change that. Approved by the FDA in 2012, the process involves a small laser inserted under the skin. The laser melts the lumpy pockets of fat and cuts through the skin’s fiber bands to remove the dimpled appearance of cellulite with minimal downtime. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm 35 years old and I weigh about 92lbs. I've never been heavy, I don't eat a lot nor do I eat badly, and I work out regularly. Despite this, nothing I do seems to get rid of my cellulite. I've had cellulite since I was 14, maybe younger but that's when I first remember noticing it. Through the... READ MORE

Like many of you on here I have been dealing with my cellulite for about 8 years. I am 35 years old and prior service and when I got out of the Army I stop working out as much because I had to do it while in the Army. Not such a good idea... gain lots of weight. After loosing the weight I... READ MORE

Hi folks, I am 45yo, 5'2", 130lb and in great physical condition. This is my second procedure in the last year (breast lift and aug last November). I have cellulite on my outer and inner thighs and a little on my butt. During my consultation my doctor suggested that my inner thigh cellulite... READ MORE

Hi there! I wanted to share my experience as this site has been so helpful for me. I am 33, mommy of 2 wonderful children 9 and 11. I am 5'4, 130lbs and this is my 3rd surgery. 2 years ago I had smart lipo of outer thighs at that time i had almost no cellulite. Over that past 2 years I became... READ MORE

Had cellulaze 3 wks ago and concerned if I will have good results. The procedure itself was not bad, afterwards some bruising and swelling. Now just the waiting game...3 days after procedure with swelling looks like my cellulite is gone and now 3 wks out and it's back. Still hopeful tho. Will... READ MORE

I had cellulaze done in mid April and the results have been fantastic. I, like many of the women on the forum, am of normal weight, but have been cursed with cellulite since my early 30's (43 now). While there is definitely still some bumpiness, there is noticeable smoothing and skin tightening.... READ MORE

Had cellulaze yesterday, June 6, 2012. Spent almost 3 hours on my stomach with the last bit of the time on my back. Had the sides of my ledgs done, the backs, the buttocks (about 4" from the crease of my butt up my buttocks) and part of the fronts of my legs. Was given an adavan (spelling?) and... READ MORE

I have been plagued by genetically induced cellulite since what feels like the day I was born with a goal of one day feeling comfortable in a bikini. I am 26 and active and although I understand the structure of cellulite I still don't understand why a young, active person should have it (that... READ MORE

Tomorrow is C-DAY!!!!!!! EXCITED but NERVOUS! Hopefully everything goes well and I will be updating youu all shortly! :)Hi Y'all! thisngs went FABULOUS! It was a cake walk! I'm 37, 5"2" and 108 pounds and have been cursed with the dreaded cellulite as long as I remember. I went to Dr Spring in... READ MORE

I had Cellulaze and am pleased with the results. I am not one to buy into gimmicks, and this is the only treatment that I have ever tried for cellulite. I based the decision on the available trial data and the mechanism of action of the laser (i.e. "cutting" the bands that contribute... READ MORE

53 yrs. old: 1st day of procedure for front of legs & thighs, arrived at the Dr. office, very nervous, I will be awake during the procedure. Not much of a wait after arriving. The nurse asked if I had ate, I did 3 hrs.ago. so she gave me a granola bar. I took a bite, but too nervous to eat.... READ MORE

I'm linking my forum post/thread here: http://www.realself.com/forum/cellulaze-bruising-and-pain Overall, I am very happy with the results. But I am concerned a little with the bruising. There is a dark undertone and widespread bruising. The cellulite has diminished 90% and I am very happy... READ MORE

I took the plunge ladies and feel pretty good. Legs are quite puffy and bruised at the moment. Asked Dr. Diana (he's a certified instructor for this procedure for all the Texas docs. My first appointment with him was a flop, as my heart rate increased so much that even after being in the... READ MORE

I had cellulaze in May. I think my legs look better. It's been 5 weeks still healing. But I it was painful after the procedure..... Like a severe sunburn and someone hitting u on it. The first 3-4 days were the worse but got better. A lot of bruising. I had my thighs, back of the thighs and side... READ MORE

I survived! It has officially been a little over 24 hours since my procedure. I’m going to go in depth as far as what these past 24 hours have been like but here’s some info about me first: 29 years old, 105 lbs, 5'4, "moderate" level of cellulite. Cellulite since... READ MORE

I'm 41, 5'7" and 150 lbs (a size 10). I've had cellulite for as long as I can remember. My mother has the worst (honestly) cellulite I've ever seen (although she's tall and thin) and as a kid I remember looking at her legs (covered from top of thigh all the way to her... READ MORE

I’ve had cellulite on the back of thighs for years, but I hadn’t heard of any treatment that works until now with Cellulaze. My cellulite is small ridges on the backs of my thighs, just enough to annoy me. I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Tina B. West who is offering the procedure in her... READ MORE

I had cellulaze on May 23rd on the back, front, insides and outsides of my thighs (yes, it was a lot and took a long time)! As most women have said on here, the numbing was the worst part. First the needle, then the lidocaine solution they put under the skin - yikes! I had to grit my teeth and... READ MORE

I have been plagued with cellulite for the past 5 years, and I haven't worn shorts since. I'm already pretty curvy, but after my baby came more dimples and stretch marks. Although my cellulite is not horrible, it has been a source of embarrassment for me. I even try to hide it from my... READ MORE

I am scheduled for Cellulaze and Smartlipo tomorrow morning with Dr. B in Miami. I am excited and cannot wait for the results. I am 5'4" and weight 115 and work out all the time but I have been plagued with cellulite. I also cannot get rid of a little fat in the stomach area with constant... READ MORE

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