Butt Augmentation Videos

Learn About Butt Augmantation With Macrolane

Dr Carlos Castaneda performs butt augmentation with Macrolane, a temporary injectable filler, on this woman while he explains the procedure. VIEW NOW

Brazilian Butt Lifts Explained — See the Procedure (GRAPHIC)

Dr Alejandro J. Quiroz explains the process of a Brazilian butt lift and performs the procedure. VIEW NOW

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This Man Gets a Brazilian Butt Lift While He's Awake — See His Procedure and Results

This Man wanted a more lifted and tight "soccer" butt. After VASER hi-definition liposuction with body jet, Dr. Jason Emer transfers the fat to his butt. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift: See 1,100ccs to Each Side (GRAPHIC)

Dr. George Marosan walks us through a Brazilian butt lift for a young woman in her 20s. VIEW NOW

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"This Is the Kardashian Generation" — The Doctor Shares His Experience With BBLs

Dr. Daniel Kaufman details his work with Brazilian butt lifts (BBLs). Learn more about this popular procedure. VIEW NOW

Watch the Doctor Sculpt This Woman's Body With Radio Frequency

Using Venus Freeze, Dr. James W. Goodnight sculpts with radio frequency. VIEW NOW

Watch 15 Seconds of Butt Sculpting Using Radio Frequency

See how Dr. James W. Goodnight uses Venus Freeze to sculpt the butt. VIEW NOW

This Woman Gets 300cc Butt Implants Combined With 300cc Fat Transfer — See Her Before & After

Dr. Alexander Aslani combines 300cc oval silicone butt implants with 300cc of fat for this thin woman. VIEW NOW

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Should I Get a BBL or Butt Implants?

Dr. Marc DuPere shares his observations after 14 years of experience with buttock surgery. Learn your butt augmentation options. VIEW NOW


Brazilian Butt Lift Combined With 300cc Silicone Butt Implants — See This Woman's Results

Dr. Alexander Aslani shares before and after photos of this woman's procedure with 300cc spherical buttock implants and additional fat grafting. VIEW NOW


What to Expect During Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

Learn what to expect from a consultation, as explained by Dr. Jon A. Perlman. VIEW NOW

13 Seconds of This 25-Year-Old Woman's BBL Results

This 25-year-old female got 420CCs per cheek for her BBL. See the results. VIEW NOW

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250cc Butt Implants With Fat Transfer — See This Woman's New Curves

See how Dr. Alexander Aslani reconstructs this woman's butt combining 250 silicone gel oval implants with fat transfer. VIEW NOW


Can You Fix Dents After a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Douglas A. Taranow explains how you can fix dents in your buttocks after a Brazilian Butt Lift. VIEW NOW

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How Much Fat Can be Injected During a BBL?

Dr. John Zannis explains how much fat can be injected into each buttock. VIEW NOW