Butt Augmentation Videos

300cc Oval Silicone Butt Implants — Here's What They Look Like

This woman got 300cc intramuscular oval buttock implants. See the results. VIEW NOW


Butt Augmentation: 5 Steps to Take Before Surgery

Here's what you need to do before getting a butt augmentation, as explained by our own RealSelf community. VIEW NOW

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Brazilian Butt Lift: What You Should Do Before and After Surgery

Dr. Douglas Taranow answers common questions about the popular Brazilian butt lift procedure. VIEW NOW


Get Back Your Buttocks — The Doctor Explains BBLs and Butt Implants

What can butt augmentation do for you? Dr. Larry S. Nichter explains both BBLs and butt implants. VIEW NOW

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What Is Butt Augmentation? The Doctor Explains

Getting a butt augmentation isn't just about getting a bigger backside, says Dr. Jamil Ahmad. Learn more. VIEW NOW

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BBL vs. Butt Implant — Learn the Differences Between These Butt Augmentation Surgeries

Butt augmentations come in a couple different shapes and sizes. Let Dr. Jamil Ahmad explain the differences between a BBL and a butt implant. VIEW NOW


Aumento de Gluteos (Brazilian Butt Lift) Con 1000cc de Grasa Por Cada Lado (SPANISH)

El paciente fue sometido a un aumento de glúteos con transferencia de grasa (Brazilian butt lift). La liposucción se realizó en los flancos, espalda, y abdomen para cosechar la grasa y después de 1000cc de grasa fue transferida a cada lado. VIEW NOW


¿Cómo obtener el trasero de Kim Kardashian? (SPANISH)

Una cirugía de aumento de glúteos es aquélla en la que la grasa se transfiere de un área donde se encuentra en exceso hacia los glúteos para embellecer o aumentar su tamaño, para crear una más redonda y con mejor figura. VIEW NOW


When Is a Butt Implant a Better Option Than a BBL?

Dr. Moises Salama explains when it's best to use a butt implant, get a BBL, or try a combination of both. VIEW NOW

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Butt Augmentation: See Before and After Results From the Fat Flap Technique (GRAPHIC)

Dr. Luis Lopez Tallaj demonstrates a fat flap technique on a female patient. See her final results. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect From Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation (Part 3)

In the conclusion of this three-party series, Dr. Wendell Perry shares before and after photos from previous BBL patients. VIEW NOW

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What to Expect From Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation (Part 2)

Dr. Wendell Perry explains what can and can't be done with a BBL in the second part of this three-part series. VIEW NOW

What to Expect From Your Brazilian Butt Lift Consultation (Part 1)

In the first segment of this three-part series, Dr. Wendell Perry explains what to expect during a consultation for a BBL. VIEW NOW

10 Days, 1000ccs Per Cheek: See This Brazilian Butt Lift Transformation

Ten days after liposuction and a BBL, this patient reveals her new figure. See her new 1000cc cheeks. VIEW NOW


Rounder Butt, Curvier Hips: How You Can Get the Latest Style Now

Dreaming of having a booty worthy of J.Lo or Beyoncé? Brazilian butt lifts are a great way to add volume to your backside, says Dr. Sheila Bond. VIEW NOW

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