D To B Cup + Breast Reduction

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Is a Drain Necessary for Breast Reduction?

I am going to have a breast reduciton surgery next week, my size is 36D and would like to have 2 cup smaller. the doctor told me that I dont need... READ MORE

Can I Go from 38D to a B with 100 Grams Being Takin Out?

I am currently a 38D and I want to go down to atleast a B cup. My doctor said he will take out 100 grams. Will that bring me to my desired size?... READ MORE

How Much Does United Healthcare Require You to Remove for Breast Reduction?

Im 5'6 and 175.  i am a d but if its 500c that will take me to a b and it looks awful small READ MORE

Going from a 32D to a 32B with a Reduction and Lift Possible?

So right now I am a 32D though my left breast is bigger at a 32DD and they sag. I am about 5'3" and weight 112 pounds. Getting a breast reduction with... READ MORE

Breast Reduction from Large D to B?

I'm looking into having a breast reduction some time in 2012. I've had very large breasts since I was a teenager and they are not correctly... READ MORE

Interested in Breast Reduction. 36c Maybe D to a Small B, Will It Cost Alot? I Want my Breast to Match my Body!

Hi, I am a 28 yr old female from Pennsylvania. I am 5ft tall and weigh 134lbs. I have had 2 children, oldest 8, youngest 6. My breast size is 36c, or... READ MORE

Whats the Smallest One Can Go in a Breast Reduction?

I'm 18 and currently with 38 D cups. The have gone up to a DD at some point. I'm very self conscious about them and find them not suitable for me... READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover a D cup to a B cup breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 21, about 115 pounds and 5'3 and a half. I am really considering a breast reduction. My breast feel really heavy and I feel them weighing me down... READ MORE

Is a breast reduction suitable from a d cup to a b cup?

I have lost over thirty pounds last year but not in my boobs i feel they are too big and i feel embarrassed i am 18 ,32 under bust and 37-38 bust i... READ MORE

Would I be considered a good candidate for a breast reduction? (Photo)

Ever since middle school I have had large D cup breasts. I am now 5'5 and 120-130 pounds. I have neck and shoulder pain. I realize it will be hard to... READ MORE

Second Breast Reduction after 27 Years, is This Possible?

Hi, I had breast reduction 27 years ago at age 28. I am now 55 yrs. My breast do not sag that much but I am a D-cup. I would like to go down to a... READ MORE

Will breast reduction with implants give me the result I am looking for?

I am 42, 5'06" and 145# and have had two children which I breastfeed. My size now is a full 36D. I would like a breast reduction to a C or full B but... READ MORE

Can I go from D to C or B cup and have perky firm breasts without implants?

Im 17 and have pretty heavy d cups i feel that they're lower than they should be but they have fullness to them, could i get a reduction and sorta an... READ MORE

Can I Do Fat Grafting on Breast After Breast Reduction?

I wanted 34d size but my mom convince me to get 36b and that was a huge mistake because now I'm not happy. I lost weight before breast reduction, but... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Size Concern?

I recently had a breast reduction, i had a size D cup and wanted to go to B cup, my doctor initially said he will put a 250cc silicone implant but he... READ MORE

How large do breasts have to be in order to get a breast reduction?

My breasts are two different sizes. One is a D and the other is a C. I would like to get both reduced to a B. Is this likely? I am 17 and almost 18.... READ MORE

If I were to get a breast reduction, could I show the doctor a picture of exactly what it is I want?

Im 17 5"6 210lbs, i have D to DD cup breasts and would love to go down to a B or C cup. I know exactly what shape i want but im worried that if i get... READ MORE

Breast reduction from a D cup to a B cup?

I am a high school cross country and track runner looking to run in college. I feel like my breasts get in the way when I run and that they are just... READ MORE

34D to 34B..how can I imagine what the results will look like?

I am considering a breast reduction + lift on february. I'm 29 and a mother of two toddlers... Im 5'5" and 112pounds... My bra size is currently 34D... READ MORE

Size D to a size B?

I understand the policy has no guarantees in cup size yet by milo grams and how my future new breast will conform to my body type. I just want to know... READ MORE

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